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Our honey is never cut with high-fructose corn syrup, straight from bees, directly to you

About Bizzy Beez

Bizzy Beez is a company dedicated to not just saving the bees, but also to educating the general population on how necessary bees truthfully are.  Have you ever thought that maybe you don't know exactly what you are getting when you buy honey from the store?


Our honey is not cut with high-fructose corn syrup, and never heated above 110ºF.  By purchasing our honey you know and understand just what you are buying, an unaltered pure product straight from the producer to the consumer. Bizzy Beez is also dedicated to YOU. That's Right! We want to hear your feedback on our product, and possibly how we could make it better! 


Bees are continually dying, and winters are getting no easier. People our age would rather spend a night out with friends than work toward setting up a business, and developing a trade. We appreciate any purchases made as it helps to supply opportunity for our business to grow and reach more communities! This is Bizzy Beez, and always remember, we are the bees knees!

We're dedicated to reverse declining bee populations

Unlike many other brands of honey, we never add high fructose corn syrup 

We never heat our honey above 110ºF

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Let's Save the Bees

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